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Digital Library


So far as digitization is concerned not much work has been done in Odisha, except that of one esteemed organization Srujanika which has been taken over by PPRACHIN to enhance the scope of digitization. While the need for digital presevation is well established, work on this in India and particularly in Odisha, has not been significant. Such work was initiated in Odisha in 2006 by Srujanika and is concerned with the digital preservation/ dissemination of Odia print material. Starting with the digital version of the Purnachandra Odia Bhasakosha released in 2006, now over 10 lakh pages of material including most Odia periodicals published before 1950, several post-1950 magazines and over 6000 books have been digitized. All these materials are being made available on the Odia Bibhaba website ( and anyone can read/download these without charge. We are adding material to it on a weekly basis.

Also find our latest collection of books in Odia Bibhaba.